It’s been a year since my grandpa died.

The image above is a poem he scanned at one point with some instructions for his funeral, “You can read this or put it in my ‘program.'” He was so cute that way.

I’m drawn to the composition of this simple sheet of paper with a poem and his handwriting; his handwriting is forever stamped in my mind.

It’s funny though, not funny ha-ha, funny-ironic, because that time in my life is such a blur. I can’t remember if this poem ever did make in the program or whether or not someone read it. Or perhaps, I may have read it. I don’t remember.

I will, however, forever remember and cherish every moment spent with him.

I never knew a grandfather or a man like him; he sang along to “Barbie Girl” with us and played the role of Ken, he called on the phone just to say hello.

He made sure we were always taken care of, he talked with his mouth full just to irritate Grandma and induce giggles from us.

He knew how to do the Elvis lip thing, he almost went to work every day (or so we thought) in his underwear with a briefcase (is this TMI? ;)

He made the best walking sticks you ever saw, he sent roses to all of us girls every Valentine’s day, he videotaped evvverrrrything (including the floor).

And he always reminded us how much he loved us.

My grandpa truly made the world a better place as a hard working judge, loving husband, father and grandfather.

He will be missed every day of the rest of our lives.

Te amo para siempe. Con cariño, Noni