Safety in the Falls

The Safety in the Falls campaign aims to address the public safety concerns in Great Falls, Montana through an educational outreach initiative.

Recognizing the inadequacy of the city’s current public safety funding and staffing levels, the campaign acknowledges the pressing need to meet the present and projected needs of the community. To address this, the city departments have implemented strategies to work more efficiently, enhance collaboration with stakeholders, and prioritize the types of services provided. However, maintaining the current level of service and the commitment to the community has become increasingly challenging, while also considering the well-being and needs of the employees.

The city has experienced significant growth, leading to increased demands on public safety resources. Factors such as inflation and limitations on tax revenue funding imposed by the legislature have further strained the availability of resources. In light of these challenges, the campaign proposes the implementation of a levy as a means to secure increased public safety funding.

Project Details

The Wendt Agency partnered with me to design and develop a website for the Safety in the Falls educational outreach campaign. We worked to create a site that informed voters about public safety needs in Great Falls.

My responsibilities included the design and development of five distinct pages, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing experience throughout the website. I carefully considered content placement and functionality to ensure highly readable content, enhancing the overall user experience.

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