Yellowstone Brokers

Yellowstone Brokers is a down-to-earth real estate team based in Bozeman, Montana. They also happen to be the charismatic hosts of the popular HGTV show, “Mountain Mamas,” where they specialize in helping clients find homes in need of a little tender loving care.
Project Details
Owners Trecie and Jackie recognized that their existing website was not effectively capturing the essence of their brand or delivering the user experience they desired. Seeking a fresh perspective, they approached me to revamp their website on a new platform.

For the redesign, I prioritized showcasing their wide range of media, allowing potential clients to connect with Trecie and Jackie. Understanding their aspiration to sell the enticing “Montana dream,” I chose to depart from the conventional real estate website design formula and instead adopted a lifestyle-focused approach.

Inspired by the rich heritage of the American West, the website’s visual elements pay tribute to the rugged beauty and history of the region. Classic typography is blended with contemporary imagery and video, creating a striking representation of the Yellowstone Brokers brand.

Together, our collaboration allowed me to position their brand strategically online, effectively communicating their unique identity and inviting users to learn more about the brokerage’s expertise.

Front-End Designer
Web Design
Web Development
Web Maintenance
Kali Gillette, Copywriting
James Michaels, Videography