Casper Pride


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Site Mapping

Web Design

Web Development

Lum Studio partnered with me to re-design and develop a website for Casper Pride, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting equality and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. We worked to create a site that establishes Casper Pride as the premier queer event in the region, fosters connections with allies and community members, and showcases their 5-day festival.

The website aimed to reflect Casper Pride’s brand pillars: community, connection, fun, trustworthiness, growth, and momentum. The website’s tone needed to be serious yet playful, aligning with the organization’s values.

My responsibilities included designing nine unique templates and inputting content for thirteen additional pages. I chose to build the website on WordPress, giving Casper Pride the ability to easily manage and update the site in the future.

The website now serves as a centralized hub for Casper Pride’s sponsors, donors, and attendees. It provides information about the organization and its mission, promotes the annual festival, and encourages support for the cause.

The result of my collaboration with Lum successfully delivered an engaging website that aligns with Casper Pride’s vision and values.

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