Pharmacist 360

Pharmacist 360 works with the elderly on complicated medication regimes. Through a meticulous medication regimen analysis, Pharmacist 360 addresses medication interactions, identifies adverse medication effects, and educates in best practices for taking prescribed and over-the-counter medications.

Project Details

Pharmacist 360 approached me as a new, niche pharmacist consultant in need of a website. Primarily serving the elderly population, it was important that the Pharmacist 360 website user interface was targeted to this demographic.

To start, I consulted on the website’s information architecture and created a content outline in order for the client to craft copy. Then I designed webpage mockups with highly legible font sizes, concise content, and clear call to actions.

In order to be cost-effective, I advised Pharmacist 360 to DIY the website development. To jumpstart that process, I laid the website’s foundation by building the header and footer and inputting all of the font styles. I also provided an in-person training session to teach the client how to build the website herself. Then she took the reigns and developed the mockups into a fully functioning website.

UI Designer
Web Design
Megan Eubank, Branding
Stephanie Paugh, Development