Bella Familia

Bella Familia is a new parent coaching service focused on empowering parents through the Positive Discipline method.

Parenting Coach Anna Coble works with parents to develop practical, realistic, and individual strategies to help shift behavior, increase connection, and build self-regulation skills.

Project Details

Anna sought assistance from me to design the premiere website for Bella Familia. I was tasked with designing two unique webpages and guiding her partner in developing the website on WordPress.

I collaborated with the client to establish a clear information architecture for the website. This involved creating a content outline that would guide her in crafting relevant and engaging copy. With the project’s goals in mind, I then designed static webpages that aligned with the brand.

In an effort to be cost-effective, the client chose to handle the website development. To facilitate this process, I laid the groundwork by building the header and footer sections and implementing the font styles. I also conducted a screenshare training session to provide Anna and her partner with the necessary skills to build the website independently. From there, they took charge and transformed the mock-ups into a fully functional website.

By leveraging Bella Familia’s existing branding elements and providing guidance throughout the design and development process, the result is a website that reflects the mission of Bella Familia, empowering parents with confidence through Positive Discipline coaching.

UI Designer
Information Architecture
Content Strategy
Web Design
Dave Coble, Web Development