Lindsey L. Allen

Lindsey L. Allen is a jewelry designer who creates intentionally designed pieces made of recycled metals and ethically sourced stones.

Her expertise lies in lost wax casting, and she takes pride in making each piece specifically for the stone that it is meant to showcase. Lindsey hand casts each setting to house nature’s hardest and most durable stones, including diamonds and sapphires, among many other precious gems.

Project Details

After having success selling her jewelry on Etsy, Lindsey approached me to help her create her own e-commerce store. Our goal was to customize a Shopify theme that reflected Lindsey’s unique aesthetic, while also creating a seamless user experience for her customers.

We modified the Shopify theme to include intuitive collections and filtering, making it easy for customers to navigate and find the pieces they are looking for. The result is a beautiful and functional online store that reflects Lindsey’s brand and allows her to deliver a unique experience for her customers.

Now, Lindsey has an online home that she can call her own, where she can sell her jewelry directly and connect with her customers in a more meaningful way. The new website has helped Lindsey expand her reach and grow her business, while still staying true to her values of sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Front-End Designer
Information Architecture
Site Map
Shopify Theme Customization
Custom HTML & CSS
Collections & Tags
Customer Notifications