Here to partner with your team.

You create dynamic, engaging, strategic brands as a full service marketing agency or boutique design firm. Behind the scenes, your team works diligently to execute each project.

From time to time, however, you could use a little help from someone on the sidelines. So tag me in.

I’m a freelance front-end designer for hire.

A few quick facts

I’ve been working as a remote front-end designer for well over a decade.

I’ve designed and developed 120+ websites ranging in industries from non-profits to e-commerce to healthcare and beyond.


I can help strategize content, copyedit, and write a catchy headline or two.

I happen to enjoy production work and inputting content.


I pride myself on being responsive, efficient, and I’m a stickler for schedules.

I’ve worked in-house and from home (and from nearly every corner coffee shop).

My tool belt



Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop


Divi Theme





My Approach

My work embraces the simplicity of white space and the subtle use of color, texture, and imagery. I’m fueled by the art on my walls, the pages of my books, and curated images in the form of pins.

I work with design firms and marketing agencies big and small. I love the high level of work a team can bring to a project and find that two heads really are better than one.

As an avid learner, I’m always looking for ways to to innovate and expand my skill set. It’s also important for me to stay up-to-date on design trends, tech advancements, and web accessibility. 

A self-proclaimed work-from-homebody, I design from my little home office in Livingston, a town nestled between the mountains in Montana.

We’ve worked with Sarah on several projects and it’s always a great experience. She’s able to adapt to a wide range of projects/styles and works fast to deliver on-time. On the technical side, Sarah has a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and the digital medium so her designs translate well to the web.

Brett DeWoody

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