I’ve come to the realization that I am an e-mail hoarder. For some reason I have this inert fear (you could call it…) of pressing the delete button on an e-mail. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very good at deleting when it comes to spam e-mail from companies that have managed to get my e-mail address. This is when I say, “Yes, I love you Apple, but I don’t need you to suggest to me in an e-mail to buy my boyfriend an iPod Touch for Valentine’s Day.” (Generally speaking, I give businesses my “junk e-mail address,” to prevent me from ever having to see a “subscribed-to” e-mail. The e-mail address I give is my first-ever e-mail address from 6th grade. It’s a hotmail address!)

But back to the hoarding. I hardly ever want to delete an e-mail because I seem to think I’m going to need it down the road. E-mail from Grandma about her last days at the cabin; can’t delete, e-mail from an old boss regarding an old project; might re-read it, an e-mail from Snapfish giving me a receipt for my photo mouse pad purchase; might need it. And then there’s the e-mails I refuse to ever delete: sweet e-mails from my grandpa and all e-mails from my boyfriend. I admit it, I have a problem (at least according to the former list).

Now that I have become aware of my e-mail hoarding “disorder,” I plan to do something about it, however, it’ll take baby-steps to completely fix the problem. And when I say baby-steps I mean it’s going to take forever to go through all those e-mails, so I have to do it one little step at a time! The good news is, A&E’s Hoarders doesn’t have to come knocking on my door to intervene.