DIY Web Design

What if I could help turn your website woes into a website that woos?

You’ve exhausted PicMonkey and Canva and you’re just plain tired of pretending you know how to design anything.

You’ve hit a wall and you’re feeling like at this point your website just doesn’t look profesh.; it doesn’t represent you or your business and it may not be attracting your right people.

You’re a one-(wo)man show and you’re familiar with the ways of the World Wide Web. You know a thing or two about Squarespace or WordPress. (Maybe because you were forced to learn it in order to run your biz., or you might secretly like tinkering with it).

You have a creative curiosity and an eye for good, modern design.

You just need help with the actual designing aspect of your website. You want to work with a web designer who knows what they’re doing, understands your style, and gets you (and your customers).

Project Sample:

Pharmacist 360

DIY WordPress

Lauren Caselli

DIY Squarespace

You like the idea of saving a chunk of change by developing a website yourself.

You consider yourself tech-savvy and know you can take the reigns on building your website once you have a design mock-up and approriately-sized images and graphics to upload. You’re willing to put in the time and some elbow grease using my blueprint to guide your build. Cue my Web Design & DIY project. Your investment includes (but is not limited to):

Site Map

Planning and development of the basic structure of your website’s pages, organized hierarchically.


Style Guide

Web-friendly font families, sizes and color codes so you know exactly which styles to input.

Home Page Design

1 home page design mock-up + 2 rounds of revisions in order to create an intuitive user experience.

Web-Ready Images

Re-sized and optimized so you won’t have any of those slow loading images.

Content Strategy

Organization and outline of your website copy to develop a strategic and engaging flow of content.

1-Hour Q&A Call

After you’ve spent some time DIY’ing, we’ll schedule a screenshare. I’ll answer your Q’s and help you resolve any issues you’ve stumbled into.

Let me help you DIY your website.


From $2,300

Timeline: 4-5 weeks

“It was wonderful [working with Sarah]; I completely trusted her to get it done by our deadline and her patience with me was so, so appreciated… I didn’t even know how wonderful the design part would be until I saw it, and then I was totally blown away!”

Lauren Caselli

Client Testimonial


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