One-on-One Intensive

It’s finally time to ditch the overwhelm.

You’ve spent a ton of time designing your own website. Those late nights spent staring at the bright glare of your computer is a routine you know all-too-well.

And for the most part, you think your website’s okay, but you feel like it’s just missing something. It doesn’t look totally profesh. and you know you need a designer’s eye and skills to give your site that extra umph to take things to the next level.

You just need a few tweaks here and there; a couple new design elements, or maybe even some help hacking that code you’ve been trying to figure out for forever.

You’re a busy one-(wo)man-show and love the idea of bringing your website up-to-speed in 3 hours flat.

That way, you can continue doing what you do best (and not spending hours and hours trying to fix that-one-thing).

You don’t have room for a lot of overhead or a big fancy website investment. You need a designer’s expertise on an entrepreneur’s budget. You’d simply like someone (literally) on your side helping you with your website.

So let’s work together. You + me. Face-to-face for 3 hours. We’ll meet at your favorite Montana coffee shop or in my little home office in Livingston and we’ll get to work. I’m here for you in whatever way I can help cure your website woes, which may include (but is not limited to):

  • mini-workbook – your A’s to my Q’s. Dive in before our meet up to get crystal clear on where your website needs an overhaul.
  • website review + strategy – I’ll review your site design and user experience so that during our power session, I can offer suggestions on how we can create more of an intuitive, engaging and aesthetic online presence during our time together.
  • logo design tweaks – if your branding could use a little help, I’ll tweak your existing logo until it’s just right and provide you with all the file types you’ll need moving forward.
  • design elements – I’ll create icons, website headers, buttons + more to give your website some punch.
  • technical support – tech refinements, troubleshooting, instruction, and answers to the questions you’ve been Googling to no avail.

Investment $390
Timeline 3 hours flat

Ready to work together one-on-one?

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