DIY: Develop It Yourself

What if I could help turn your website woes into a website that woos?

You’ve exhausted PicMonkey and Canva and you’re just plain tired of pretending you know how to design anything.

You’ve hit a wall and you’re feeling like at this point your website just doesn’t look profesh.; it doesn’t represent you or your business and it may not be attracting your right people.

You’re a one-(wo)man show and you’re familiar with the ways of the World Wide Web. You know a thing or two about Squarespace or WordPress. (Maybe because you were forced to learn it in order to run your biz., or you might secretly like tinkering with it).

You have a creative curiosity and an eye for good, modern design.

You just need help with the actual designing aspect of your website. You want to work with a web designer who knows what they’re doing, understands your style, and gets you (and your customers).

You like the idea of saving a chunk of change by developing the website yourself.

You consider yourself tech-savvy and know you can take the reigns on building your website once you have a visual mock-up and the right-sized images and graphics to work with. You’re willing to put in the time and some elbow grease once you have a design blueprint to guide your build.

You’re ready to have your website design garner the attention of your people and help you attract more clients. And as a biz. owner, you’re alllll about the DIY—so cue my Web Design & DIY project. Your investment includes (but is not limited to):

  • moodboards – 3 curated moodboards to set the tone and to serve as inspiration for our website design direction.
  • 2 home page design mock-up options – 2 choices and 2 rounds of revisions so that we can get clear on your design preferences from the beginning.
  • default template page design – you get a standard page template that you can use and re-use for your basic pages, like About, Contact, Terms & Conditions, etc. You get 1 mock-up and 1 round of revisions.
  • optimized graphics and images for you to use to build your site to pixel perfection so you won’t have any of those slow loading images.
  • style guide – web-friendly font family and color code style guide so you know exactly what colors to copy and paste and which fonts to input into your website.
  • recommended platforms + drag and drop themes so you can easily build the website yourself (this is where DIY comes in) on Squarespace or WordPress.
  • a 1-hour Q&A Skype call after you’ve spent some time DIY’ing—just in case you got stuck during the process, I’ll answer your Q’s and will try to help resolve any styling issues your site might have.

Plus, you can choose to add a range of á la carte items, depending on your business needs. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • photo research I only purchase from the best stock photo sites around.
  • blog post design down to every detail: blog title, date, categories, featured image, blog post author photo + bio, related posts, social media share links, and comment form.
  • blog feed design so that all your blog post excerpts have a consistent look when laid out on one page.
  • offerings page design a well-organized and designed list of all of your services or products.
  • sales template page design look good selling each of your services, products, and more.
  • other page designs – need a page for a photo gallery, testimonials or something? I’ll create a custom page design for whatever it is you might need.
  • extra Q&A Skype consult – need more help than you thought? I’m just a quick call away.

Investment $1,720+
Timeline 4-5 Weeks

Fill Out the Project Starter Q&A

This isn’t for you if…

  • you’re not sure you can trust me – for this to work, you need to trust my professional expertise and know that my creative work will get you results.
  • you’ve had no experience in WordPress or Squarespace.
  • you use a different platform, like Wix or Drupal.
  • you want someone else to build your website. (If this is you, check out my Web Design & Development projects)
  • your vision for your site is different from the kind of design aesthetic that you see in my portfolio.


What’s the difference between this and your other services?

You get the same quality of design as you would in my other services, but this time, I’m not coding the site for you.

Will you do my design from scratch?

Yes, this is totally custom website design to suit your own personal style and your dream customers needs.

What platform should I build it on?

I recommend Squarespace or WordPress, depending upon what type of functionality you need. Squarespace is perfect for brochure websites that simply require written text, photos and galleries. While WordPress is great if you’re looking for more customized functionality or advanced features, such as an integrated booking system, a membership area, or eCommerce options, to name a few.

Will I need to know how to code?

Coding knowledge can be helpful, but is definitely not necessary.

If you’re using WordPress, I’ll suggest some drag + drop themes for you so that you won’t need to do any coding.

If you’re using Squarespace, the platform is built on a drag + drop framework to make it easy for you to DIY.

I’ll design within the limitations of your template, so that there’s nothing that we create together that will be impossible for you to upload onto your site on your own.

Do you upload the images or designs to my site for me?

No. You do all the development yourself and benefit from a lower priced website investment.

How much time will I need to spend on developing my site myself?

That depends on your how familiar you are with the platform you choose for your website and how much time you have to dedicate to development each day.

For example, if you’re already really familiar with your platform and you sit down to dedicate a whole day to getting it done, you could have the development finished in a day or two. If you spend an hour a day on development and you need to learn how to use your new website platform, it may take you 2-4 weeks.

If you choose WordPress, many of the themes come with tech support, video tutorials or community forums where you can ask questions and get help if you get stuck.

If you use Squarespace, there’s a comprehensive library of articles and video tutorials to rely on. Or, you can ask a question in the Squarespace Answers forum and get support from fellow Squarespace users.

Ultimately, if you’re willing to Google a question, you’ll be able to find lots of free resources and information to help you figure it out on your own without having to hire a developer.

Can I outsource the development to my preferred web developer?

Yes. I’m happy to provide you with source Photoshop design files to give to your developer. I’m also happy to recommend some reliable developers, if you need.

Ready to work together?

Investment $1,720+
Timeline 4-5 Weeks

Fill Out the Project Starter Q&A