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From Outdated to Updated

Riverbend Publishing came to me for a website re-design as an established publishing company located in Helena, Montana. They’ve been a leading publisher in the area for over ten years, but their website was starting to show their age. I re-designed over 100 of their webpages in a clean, user-friendly format. I was able to give them the presence that they needed on the web.
In addition to an updated website, I worked closely with one of their staff members to integrate Twitter, Facebook and WordPress into their marketing efforts. Follow them on Twitter or visit their Facebook fan page. You can read their latest blog post here.

Riverbend Publishing’s updated website
Riverbend’s books have earned national acclaim and won national awards. And now, their publisher tells me their updated website is getting a lot of attention.
Riverbend Publishing’s outdated website

A New Home (Page)

I recently uploaded the final files to the world wide web for Rockfellow Brewing Company’s new website. They’re still looking for a home, but at least they have a home page – and a few more pages to boot. Rockfellow brewers say, “Rockfellow Brewing Company is still in its infancy. Well, to be fair, it’s prenatal. Though with dedication and commitment RBCo has been taking on a life of its own.”

We’re In Business

Or should I say, I’m in business. is the name. I’m officially available for freelance media art, graphic and web design work nationwide. My website is fully up and running at your service. On my website, I  provide brief descriptions of my services as well as portfolio examples. But here’s a list of my services since you’re reading this blog post!
  • Graphic Design & Layout
  • Web Design, Implementation and Maintenance
  • Social Media Set-Up and Background Design
  • Digital Camera & Video Operations
  • Digital Photography & Video Editing
  • Motion Graphic Design
E-mail me to get started and I’ll provide you with a quote! I can’t wait to begin working with you.