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A Montana Journal

Today, I’m sharing with you a very special project.

I was very fortunate to get to work with my fiancé on a new book called, A Montana Journal, which features Christopher’s photography. I worked with him to design the interior and the cover; there’s just something about collaborating with your favorite person that’s fun and exciting and inspiring—while at times, also stressful and hectic and crazy. But in the end, working with the one you love creates a partnership on another level.

This is Christopher’s first published book, and for that I’m one proud girl.

A Montana Journal was published by Riverbend Publishing.

Bear Book Cover Design


Cover Design

Riverbend Publishing has several Great Bear stories, the newest being Great Colorado Bear Stories. I was excited to design this cover, I just love the cover image. That black bear is so gosh darn adorable! I also enjoyed using the dramatic effect of using white type over black.

Book Description

Great Colorado Bear Stories is an incredible look at Colorado’s bears, including the grizzlies that once roamed the state and the black bears that still do.

Carefully researched and skillfully written by award-winning Colorado writer Laura Pritchett, these stories describe the fascinating science and natural history of bears along with gripping tales of deadly and near-death encounters with people. Some stories are historical, such as Roosevelt’s hunting, Pike’s exploring, and the death of Colorado’s last grizzly. Other tales are contemporary—backyard bruins in the suburbs, close encounters in the wilderness, and dedicated wildlife scientists who crawl deep inside dens with the bears. These stories involve hikers, ranchers, hunters, historians, Native Americans, and regular folks—at the moments their lives have intersected with the great bruins of Colorado.

Squiggles by Siggles

My sister, Signe, recently asked me to create an Etsy shop banner for her. Signe just loves to paint and create works of art and decided to begin selling pieces in order to save up money for a horse. I should mention Signe is eleven-years old. She has had a deep love for horses for as long as I can remember; she has always yearned to call one her very own. Signe fell for the animal before she ever even had her first ride! Once she finally did have that first ride, it only reaffirmed that a horse was right for her.

Maybe I’m biased, but I think it’s absolutely adorable that she came up with the idea to sell her paintings. And not only is it adorable, it’s very respectable. She’s not like every other young girl, asking and begging and pleading with her parents to buy her a horse for her next birthday or for Christmas. She’s willing to work for it by starting her own little online business on Etsy. What an entrepreneur—she must take after her big sister ;)

Signe holds a special place in my heart. She’s the baby of our clan of five sisters, while I hold the spot as the oldest. We’re twelve years apart, but the years we have in between us will never keep us from having the most loving, rewarding sisterhood.

To support Signe’s effort or to see her artwork, you can visit her shop, Squiggles by Siggles on Etsy.

From Outdated to Updated

Riverbend Publishing came to me for a website re-design as an established publishing company located in Helena, Montana. They’ve been a leading publisher in the area for over ten years, but their website was starting to show their age. I re-designed over 100 of their webpages in a clean, user-friendly format. I was able to give them the presence that they needed on the web.
In addition to an updated website, I worked closely with one of their staff members to integrate Twitter, Facebook and WordPress into their marketing efforts. Follow them on Twitter or visit their Facebook fan page. You can read their latest blog post here.

Riverbend Publishing’s updated website
Riverbend’s books have earned national acclaim and won national awards. And now, their publisher tells me their updated website is getting a lot of attention.
Riverbend Publishing’s outdated website

Graduation Card Typography

My little sister, Paige, graduated from high school today. It’s hard to believe she’s about to head off to college (not to mention, on a full athletic scholarship). I swear I just packed up my bedroom, nervous and excited with anticipation for the college years ahead of me. But here I am, five years later, watching my sister graduate. Where does the time go?

I’m so happy and proud of Paige for all of her accomplishments leading up to graduation. For this special occasion, I wanted to make her a card. I’ve always been the type to create home-made cards, but this time, I went the graphic-home-made-card-route. I chose to create a typography design using a quote from the wonderful book, “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss.

Not only did I want to give Paige a card, I wanted to also reward her with a gift for all of her hard work. But I wanted to let her decide what she wanted as a graduation present. So instead of being un-original and presenting her with a gift card to her favorite store, I created two coupons for her to choose from (“Not valid with an other offers”) on the inside of her graduation card. The first coupon is for Adobe Photoshop. Paige loves photography and has had a taste of Photoshop from classes in high school. I would love for her to learn more about the program and explore photography further. But I only wanted to give this to her if she chooses to minor in photography (she’s majoring in Elementary Education). The second coupon is for an external hard drive – a necessity for every college student to back-up all of their files. I thought she could really use one if she chooses not to minor in Photog.

As usual, I put my stamp of love on the back of all of the cards I create. Sweet and simple.

I really enjoyed desiging this card for Paige, that’s why I thought I’d share it! If you ever would like a custom card or invitation designed, you know who to contact!

A New Home (Page)

I recently uploaded the final files to the world wide web for Rockfellow Brewing Company’s new website. They’re still looking for a home, but at least they have a home page – and a few more pages to boot. Rockfellow brewers say, “Rockfellow Brewing Company is still in its infancy. Well, to be fair, it’s prenatal. Though with dedication and commitment RBCo has been taking on a life of its own.”

“Hiking With Grizzlies”

My first-ever book cover design for Riverbend Publishing is exciting to say the least! The design was actually a re-design of the first cover of Hiking With Grizzlies. The publisher felt that that cover was dated and didn’t draw in as wide of an audience as it should.

To get started, the author provided me with an old photo of a black bear on a trail, and then the rest was up to me (with publisher approval of course). I ultimately chose to use a map of Glacier National Park at low opacity as the background, and then found great fonts to use for the text layout.